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Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center / Ichilov Hospital - video

Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center / Ichilov Hospital - video

At Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center (Israel, the whole expert treatment team revolves around the patient.  

As cancer patients endure many arduous elements of treatment, they usually have a group of medical professionals looking after them. These compassionate caregivers join forces and focus their effort to champion each patient’s health from disease detection through post-disease follow up. They provide individualized care to give patients the best possible chance of a cancer-free future.

An international cancer authority 

The Oncology Division is recognized for setting the benchmark in cancer treatment and research. As Israel’s largest supporter of international research
protocols, the Clinical Research Center gives patients the opportunity to participate in promising research studies. Patients also have access to immunotherapy treatments from the only center in Israel authorized to perform cell personalization.

Providing quality, patient-friendly care around the clock

The Oncology Center is writing the book on perfecting the patient experience. Every new patient is seen within 48 hours, clinic doors are open until 9:00 p.m. and the 24/7 call center allows patients to focus on their lives rather than their treatment schedules.

When we put patients first, everything else falls into place

Patients visiting the new Oncology Center will be welcomed into a layout designed specifically for their disease, with all essential care – inpatient, clinic and day hospital services – right there for them in one unified facility. On-site care for the patient’s body and mind alike will ensure that their nutrition, pain, anxiety and lifestyle needs are met. Providing the latest care that medicine has to offer and timely, targeted attention: This is the forward-looking, patient-centered approach that patients expect from a world-renowned cancer-treatment center.

Internal Medicine Division The Oncology Institute serves a broad population of cancer patients from central Israel and throughout the country.

The fast-track appointment service enables patients to be seen for their initial visit within 48 hours of contacting the institute. The institute’s personalized oncology service offers highly progressive treatment for all types of cancer and conditions related to the disease. 

Diseases treated

The institute treats patients with the following oncologic conditions:

Breast cancer
• Cancers of the digestive system
• Bone and soft tissue sarcomas
Lung cancer
• Melanoma and other skin tumors
• Urogenital tumors
• Gynecological cancers
• Thyroid cancer
• Tumors of the brain and nervous system 

Oncology clinics and units

• Breast Cancer Center
• Digestive System Cancer Center
• Gynecologic Oncology Unit
• Lung Cancer and Sarcoma Unit
• Urogenital Cancer Center
• Brain and nervous system Tumor Center 

Specialty Units

• Day Hospital
• Inpatient Hospitalization Units
• Radiotherapy Institute
• Clinics: Oncology Clinic/Cancer Genetics Clinic/Geriatric Oncology Clinic/Palliative Care Clinic
Immunotherapy Laboratory
• Cancer Research Laboratory
• Clinical Research Unit 

Cancer patient services

• The Center for Complementary Care and Integrative Medicine
• Sexual Health Unit for Cancer Patients
• Social Work Services for Cancer

Coordinated patient care

The  institute applies ultra-modern methods using multi-disciplinary teamwork, with close collaboration between diagnostic and treatment professionals. The Oncology Institute’s care team offers multi-disciplinary follow-up clinics and conducts integrated care discussions with all patient diagnostic, treatment, rehabilitation, follow-up, care management, and support team members. Patients can visit the day hospital’s urgent care center for immediate attention to high priority problems, including first aid, essential care or health issue resolution. 

The institute conducts progressive research covering a broad range of cancer disciplines and treatments. The scope includes clinical studies at the Medical Center, Israeli and international programs, and basic science research in collaboration with Israeli research centers.

Initial appointments within 48 hours

If you have been diagnosed with cancer, we recommend that you contact us immediately to get timely attention and reduce the uncertainty related to your disease, treatment options, and prognosis. Patients requesting an appointment can contact the main appointment line listed under the contact information below.

Documents to bring to the appointment

1. Physician referral to the oncologist
2. Pathology testing (biopsy) results 
3. Imaging testing results (if available) including: CT, PET-CT, and MRI results

Personalized care and cancer immunotherapy treatment

Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center is at the forefront of personalized care for oncology patients, offering treatment options personalized to each patient based on his or her genetic profile. The Oncology Institute provides the most advanced genetic testing available, helping care providers choose the most effective patient treatment. Based on individual biological and genetics data, this service includes the PDL-1 test for personalized immunotherapy. Patients may also have the opportunity to participate in clinical research for progressive therapeutics.

Breakthrough immunotherapy

Immunotherapy is the future of cancer care. Many Oncology Institute patients participate in clinical research studies for progressive treatments such as Keytruda and Opdivo – both for treatment and compassionate use when medicine has exhausted all other alternatives. Investing in pioneering immunotherapy, the Oncology Institute has established Israel’s only oncology unit to test whether patients are suitable for immunotherapy treatment. 

FoundationOne testing for genetic profile testing

Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center has a unique partnership with Roche Pharmaceuticals, which offers FoundationOne – genetic testing for patient sensitivity to a range of treatments and medications.

The test provides the most extensive, reliable, and precise information available on cancer cell genetic profiles.

Rapid appointments and progressive technologies

From the moment patients are referred to the Radiotherapy Institute, they follow several key steps, from physician examination to radiotherapy treatment planning by an expert physicist to sophisticated imaging methods. To expedite care, referral-to-treatment time is 10 days or less. Patients with emergency situations can receive quicker turnaround, if possible, sometimes within 24 hours. 

Technological leadership in radiotherapy

The Radiotherapy Institute has four linear accelerators, among the most advanced in Israel, which perform the most effective, sophisticated treatments, while minimizing side effects. In addition, the institute features a new radiotherapy machine for skin cancer – the only machine of its kind in Israel. This device for Mohs surgery provides highly focused skin cancer treatment prevents aesthetic damage and the need for complex surgeries.

Emergency care specifically for oncology patients

Oncology Urgent Care Center

Undergoing cancer care is hard enough. In order to simplify care for oncology patients, the Oncology Institute operates the Oncology Urgent Care Center, where patients can turn for targeted care – instead of being treated at the general Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center Emergency Room.
Urgent Care Center Hours
7:30 am to 6:00 pm

Call center for oncology patients

Cancer patients can contact the call center for expert service from oncology nurses during evening hours. Through the call center, patients can receive support, instruction and answers to questions they have regarding inconsistent pain and treatment side effects such as nausea and vomiting.
Telephone: *8801: extension 3 or +972-3-687-8801 extension 3 
Call center hours: 6:00 pm to 11:00 pm.

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