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Assuta – Israel’s largest and leading private medical services center - video

Assuta – Israel’s largest and leading private medical services center - video

Assuta is Israel’s largest and leading private medical services center, comprising eleven clinics and hospitals across Israel and providing innovative surgeries and diagnostic procedures in all fields of medicine, including cardiology, oncology, gynecology, urology and more.

Assuta Hospital in Tel-Aviv was established in 1934, and over the past 70 years has become renowned as the most advanced hospital in the Middle East. 

High Professional Standards and Excellence in Global Healthcare

Assuta specialists and surgeons undergo a thorough selection process, which means at Assuta you can expect the highest medical and professional standards. Assuta employs the latest cutting-edge technologies both from Israel and abroad. Our senior physicians possess solid experience in the implementation of modern technologies and techniques, so you have a choice of the most advanced treatment that is suitable for you.  

The use of modern technologies, devices and prosthetic materials minimizes both the duration of the surgery and the recovery period, adding further to the patient’s quality of life.

We are proud of our position as the leaders in medicine in the Middle East, and we hold steadfast to our commitment to delivering quality medical services.

Leadership through professional excellence

Our doctors, specialists and staff are guided by the principle of providing quality medical assistance using the most advanced medical techniques and resources, and conducting complex surgical procedures at the highest level.

Leadership though quality of service

We are guided by the principle of providing cutting-edge medical and administrative services, which allow us to both respect and satisfy the requirements and expectations of our patients and their families, through a high level of personal care and attention.

Leadership through superior technology

We are committed to remaining at the forefront of technological achievements and medical advancements by investing resources in innovative equipment and systems, and focusing on staff training and development in order to minimize the duration of surgical procedures, recovery and rehabilitation times, and to improve the patients' quality of life.

Leadership through smart choices

We understand that the patient’s trust, comfort and wellbeing are essential elements for a fast and successful recovery. This is why Assuta offers patients control in selecting from a range of available options, including the type of surgical treatment, the performing surgeon, accommodation in one-bed, two-bed or three-bed wards and a wide selection of healthful menu options.

Assuta Departments:

• Oncology Center
• General Surgery
• IVF-In Vitro Fertilization
• Cardiac Surgery
• Orthopedic Surgery
• Neurosurgery
• Imaging Institutes
• Dialysis Institutes
• Gastroenterology Institute
• Plastic Surgery
• The Service Unit


20 Habarzel St, 
Ramat Hachayil, 
Tel Aviv 69710, 

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